Dear Residents,

Welcome to the Framingham Housing Authority Resource Guide. The Resident Service Department created this guide to assist residents with basic information and general questions about local resources. The Resident Service Departments role is to foster self-sufficiency, a healthy community and improve the quality of life for FHA residents.

This guide includes the not-for-profits or local resources that are frequently used by Framingham Housing Authority staff and residents. Some of the services do require a referral so individuals can contact the Resident Service Department at 508-879-7562 for either a referral or questions regarding these agencies.

Mention in this publication of any program is not an endorsement by FHA. Information is not meant to be exhaustive. Please contact the Resident Service Department for more in depth information.

Please click here to download a copy of the Resource Guide


Lisa Horning, Resident Services Manager/FSS
508-879-7562 ext. 216

Suzanne Garcia, Resident Service Coordinator
508-879-7562 ext. 234

Carol Ju, Asian Outreach Coordinator
508-879-7562 ext. 232