What’s Happening

Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)

Tenant Associations

  • Most of our senior housing developments have formed Tenant Associations. The purpose of these associations is to provide representation for residents in matters which affect the rights, status, duties or other common interests of the residents. The associations also encourage community participation through social events. All activities and association events are open for all Framingham residents at reduced rates. Our Associations are always looking for volunteers. We encourage your participation. Below, please find the contact information for the associations:

  • Newsletters are distributed quarterly and list all events and updates for each tenants association and includes scheduled workshops. Notices are always posted on the bulletin boards at each property for upcoming events. Be sure to check these areas so you don’t miss out on anything.

  • John J. Brady Tenants Association
    Michael Trahar, President- 508-626-1594
    Don Harvey, Vice President- 508-405-1163
    Kathy Plunkett, Treasurer 508-877-9039
    Jo Caiola, Secretary 508-875-0828

    Meetings: 4th Thursday of every month at 1:30pm
    John J. Brady Community Room

  • Rose Kennedy Lane/Arsenal Road Tenants Association
    (Rose Kennedy Lane, Arsenal Road, Guadal canal, Normandy Road)
    Andy Cummings, President 339-222-3697
    Larry Pliskin, Vice President 508-441-8182

    Meetings: are quarterly and posted in advance

  • Flagship Hasting House Tenants Association
    115 Cochituate Road
    John Palmer, President 508-397-2981
    William Watson, Vice President 508-816-6446
    Barbara Conlin, Secretary 508-872-7139

    Meetings: monthly on the third Wednesday at 4:00pm

  • The Little Village Club
    John J. Gallagher, Everit Ave, Grant Street
    Carol Wise, President 617-645-6484
    Kathy O’Rourke, Vice President 508-875-1838
    Degra Alesi, Secretary

    Meetings: are quarterly and posted in advance

Asian Support Group

  • Asian Support Group meets every Monday at 10:00am in the Rose Kennedy Lane Community Room.

  • Our Asian Service Coordinator, Carol Wu can be reached Mondays and Fridays from 9:30am-1:30pm at 508-879-7562 ext. 232.

Healthy Partners

  • Healthy Partners sponsored by Jewish Family Services of Metrowest, a long time community partner provides health and wellness programs as well as social opportunities for seniors and disabled residents at our Hastings House development.

  • Blood pressure clinics provided on a monthly basis
    Weekly bingo
    Social club
    Coffee and conversation hour
    Tai Chi classes
    Day trips
    Holiday parties
    Bake sales
    Health and Wellness programs


  • Is served every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30am at the Rose Kennedy Lane community room. This is open for all FHA residents. You can call Ellie Leach at 508-872-1673 to sign up for a meal.

  • Every Wednesday at 11:30pm a meal is served at Memorial House at 317 Hollis Street. This is open for all FHA residents. You can call Carol at 508-879-7562 ext. 232 to sign up.

Resident Service department

  • Our Resident Service department is dedicated to ensuring our seniors and disabled residents have access to in-home services that enhance their quality of life while aging in place. If you need assistance or have any concerns about yourself, a neighbor or loved one, please call 508-879-7562 ext. 216.

Free ESL Classes

  • Every Wednesday at 9:30am
    Rose Kennedy Lane Community room